Great guest experience is the first and foremost concern to us on any given day. We adhere to stringent hygiene practices and convenient accommodation for our valued guests. All over the property, you can find state-of-the-art amenities which will leave you in wonder. The seating capacity, car-parking spaces, dining area, kitchen, catering service, Semi-Olympic swimming pool, Kids’ play area Health Club, mandatory 24/7 power back up are some of our extraordinary amenities. The amenities undoubtedly are set up to give you a relaxed and delightful visit.

Air Conditioning

TAir conditioning is our most important amenity that allows guests to feel fresh and comfortable with great cooling capacity. The optimum temperature is maintained in the hall to make sure the guests have a pleasant visit without tiredness coming in the way. The power levels are tailored to fit the parameters of the hall.

Swimming Pool

A semi-Olympic Swimming pool is built as a sports facility that can also be used as a leisure pool. The modern pool is equipped with a pool heating system, dressing rooms, showers, etc. This stress-relieving area is periodically maintained with proper hygiene standards.

Room Service

Our Hall also features beautifully designed furnished guest rooms to accommodate guests who have necessities and emergencies. First classroom services are provided in 24 guest rooms that are part of our property. Our staff takes pride in their outstanding hospitality services which range from cleaning to maintaining the rooms.

Power Backup

At Kalyaani Mahal, we ensure uninterrupted power supply throughout the celebrations of your dreams. 24/7 electricity with power backup is a prominent facility we offer throughout the function. Power back up enables the important celebrations to go with the flow without irksome glitches.


We got the basic needs of the guests covered, by installing clean, sanitized bathrooms present all around the property that they can avail themselves at any time. The staff is properly trained to maintain the washrooms in a hygienic and freshened state.


Telephone operating services play important role in providing fundamental utility services to our guests. As a holistic wedding hall, it is our duty to have backup options during emergencies. It is also a remarkable reminder of our glorious past.

House keeping

We realize that the reputation of the hall depends heavily on the great housekeeping skills of our staff. Our staffs are meticulous and stringent to details. The courteous staff offers timely housekeeping services in quick turnaround times. They never fail to maintain the aesthetic upkeep of the rooms. They are instantly available at all times, most importantly just a call away.

Modular Kitchen

Kalyaani Mahal food preparation involves both veg and a non-veg kitchen (It may differ according to the people’s wish) and includes catering services. The services by our staff would be a great delight. The amenities and facilities would help the occupants throughout the gathering. The dining area would be the organizer’s choice, whether a dining room or lawn.

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